"You want to know who I am? I am the man who has saved the universe time and time again. I roam with my vast repetoire of knowledge putting wrongs to right. I am known as the Doctor and you have fallen for my charm."
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I feel like the deeper I go in the Classic Who fandom, the weirder it gets.






I do not know what you’re talking about

people expect the classic who fandom to be filled with prim, stuffy old men with monocles

but it isn;t

because this is the classic who fandom

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I don’t know where the hell Timber is but I will play as if I know what I am doing.

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ittigerburningbright whispered: "Doctor, stop being mean to me. I am only trying to be an ami."

"You also waltzed in and decided that sleeping was the best course of actions. Isn’t it bad form to just show up unannounced?"


"I was angry!" she yelled defensively, grabbing his sleeve and forcing him to turn to face her. "I say stupid stuff all the time when I’m angry, and so do you, Mr. ‘You are the last thing I need sucking the life out of my TARDIS’!!”

She struggled to steady her breathing; she didn’t want to lose control completely and lose track of the actual subject of their argument. “Look, I know you’re upset, but—can’t we just talk about it instead of both being stubborn asses? I love you, you say you love me, there has to be something we can do!”

"The difference is that I didn’t leave you or invalidate a year of your life—oh but what does it matter? In a few centuries, I’ll get someone else, correct? Isn’t that what you think? That’s what humans always thing when with me—is it not?"

The Doctor averted his gaze. Something about this conversation made it hard to look Peri in the eye. Any other incarnation, things such as this would have been easy to brush off with a few words, a cold shoulder… So why wasn’t it easy to do now?

He faced the console, pulling his multicolored sleeve from Peri’s grasp as he moved to another panel. There wasn’t anywhere to go, no planet to save—for the moment anyway. His hands were moving to keep busy, t appear as though he had something to do. It’s a tactic he always used on his companions despite the fact that most saw through it. If only he didn’t seem to feel so much in this incarnation. What he lacked due to his brash persona, he seemed to make up for in both his hearts, too bad a great many didn’t see past the outer display to look. Even Peri sometimes missed it.

"…Maybe you were right. Perhaps it’s best to play Doctor and assistant and stop."

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tsukkuyomikokuryuu whispered: Tsuki was eating fresh baked cookies in the kitchen by herself humming until she realized she left something in the library; she left the plate of cookies on the counter, knowing Six was elsewhere and unlikely to notice the tasty food left there, and went off to retrieve her sword from where she left it.

As if sensing the abandoned cookies, one very hungry Time Lord surfaces from deep in the TARDIS. Since he did not see Tsuki anywhere, he decided that taking the entire plate of cookies was better than simply one lonely cookie. The Doctor quickly exits the kitchen with his stolen treat and decided that hiding back in his spot was the best course of action for disposing of the tasty treat, taking shelter in a different room instead of the usual haunts to make sure it took Tsuki a longer time to find him.

The way I view it, in an audio the Doctor said he had no gender, and therefore he cannot have a gender identity at all. 

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Contrary to popular belief, everything is not my fault.

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notyetthevaleyard replied to your post: internetdenizon said:Mun, I love …

i read this as “i love your ass” and im laughing bye

Cat, omg.

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ittigerburningbright whispered: "Trespassing?" At this, despite her tiredness, Tiger became completely awake. "Excusez-moi, I did not know you felt that way," she said softly. "I will leave," she said as she got up and began to head to the door.

"Indeed I do. Just because a door is open does not mean you need to go through it—unless you’re me. I am allowed anywhere."

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