"You want to know who I am? I am the man who has saved the universe time and time again. I roam with my vast repetoire of knowledge putting wrongs to right. I am known as the Doctor and you have fallen for my charm."
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Anonymous whispered: *taps nose* :)

"I bet you think you’re so smug."

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I don’t know if somebody did it before but I think this gif just had to be made

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tsukkuyomikokuryuu whispered: Tsuki blinked and blushed, staring at him as he leaned towards her with a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face, "You wouldn't eat me; I don't taste like cake."

"No, but with some icing I am sure we could fix that… Or I could cover you in chocolate."

tsukkuyomikokuryuu replied to your post: “It’s only been one ask and that hurts.”:
(I wish to petition for Six to be nicer to all his companions and to stop telling them they’re useless and telling him he can do without them, especially to companions who he knows will react badly to it.)

Petition rejected. How will we get angst then?

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Never ever ever let me write six asking if he wants to eat people.

Lawdy lawd lawd.

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( sixthoncomingsassystorm Because you’re a cat)

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To be honest I didn’t remember what my response to this ask was… So I was like “Wait what?” Naturally I went to see what I wrote cause I was all “It couldn’t be that bad”.

I was wrong. The image that came to mind was—lawd. It’s only 1 pm.

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Hahahha I’ve been pissed since last night and that feeling hasn’t dimmed with sleep. Hahhahaa people are still pissing me off today and I haven’t been awake long. I need to not interact with people at all. 

If I’m not depressed I’m pissy.

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realistically my url should be charliediesattheend

spoiler alert

Charlie actually does die at the end.

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tsukkuyomikokuryuu whispered: Tsuki pouted and sniffled, "I am not a mouse and even if I was, why can't you cuddle mice? I just want to cuddle...." (Sixie you are soooooooo mean; cuddle her! XD)

"I am a cat. Cats do not cuddle mice, but rather eat them. Do you want me to eat you?" He leaned forward, a gleam in his eye as a smile crossed his face.